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Special Packages
Rheumatology Package : Detailed history and examination by a consultant , Heamogram ( Hb,TLC,DLC,ESR) , Peripheral smear examination,ANA,Rheumatoid Factor,Complete Urine analysis ,Do's and Dont's
Diabetic Package: Detailed history and examination by a Consultant,Dietary Consultation,Haemogram (Hb, TLC, DLC ESR),Peripheral Smear,Serum Creatinine,Lipidogram,Sugar (Fasting ,PP),Glycosylated HB-HbA1C, ECG,Urine for microalbumin,Complete Urine analysis
Asthma Package: Detailed History and examination bye a consultant ; Peak flow meter values and its domestic use Spirometry;Chest X-ray;Heamogram (HB , TLC,DLC,ESR) ;Absolute Eosino count ;Peripheral smear;Complete urine
analysis;stool examination;Demonstration of inhalation devices and their uses;Nebulizer use;Do's and Dont's
Hypertension Package : Detailed history by consusltant;Heamogram (HB,TLC,DLC,ESR) Peripheral smear,Blood examination for urea,creatinine,sodium and potasium;lipid profile;chest -ray;ECG;complete urine analysis;Patient education handouts
Specialized Cardiac Package: Detailed hostory and examination by a consusltant;HB,RBS,Lipid Profile,ECG,TMT & Renal prifile,Echocardiography,Urine examination (routine)
Complete Body Package Male: Detailed history and examination by a consultant,Haemogram(CBC),Blood sugar,renal profile,Lipid profile and Liver function test;ECG,PSA,X-ray & Echocardiography,Urine examination (Routine)
Executive Women Health Checkup Package: Clinical examination & advice by SeniorGynaecologist,Mammography ,Blood grouping & Rh typing,Complete Blood Count (CBC),Lipidogram,Blood Sugar(Fasting, pp),Pelvic-USG,X-RayChest,Pap Smear examination,S.Calcium,Family planning advice,Urine Routine examination ,Stool routine examination
Basic infertility Package: Complete Gynae Examination.,Pelvic Ultrasound(Baseline,Full Cycle Follicular Study),Basic Infertility work up(Husband’s Semen Analysis.,Haemogram,(Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR),RBS,Chest X-ray,Mx Test);.
Hormone Profile(FSH,LH,Prolactin,Complete Thyroid Profile) Gift yourself a good health today...
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