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Welcome to Jaspal Hospital – Ambala City. An NABH accredited hospital.

Emergency services – 24 hours

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Maternity Services

We understand the brisk feeling of pleasurable fear that can’t be concise in words. For every woman, it is one of the most important phases in life. Our highly experienced gynaecologist Dr. Rita Jaspal & Dr. Tania Singh’s consultation can help you get the ginger care.

Girls & Woman care services

Female problems & Woman care services

Jaspal Hospital is equipped to provide the latest procedures like Laparoscopic surgery, minimal invasive surgery and hysteroscopic surgery. For 30 years, we are providing highest standards of patient care.

Adolescent Problems

Haemogram, ESR and peripheral smear

Blood sugar (Fasting-PP)

Menstrual Disorders

Pap smear

Post natal care and advice


Ultra sound screening breast and lower abdomen

Final report assessment by Gynaecologist

All types of women's healthcare

Prentatal Clinics

Thyroid Problems

Procedures & Treatments

Painless Deliveries

Post natal care and advice

Instrumental Deliveries- : Forceps/Vacuum


Cesarean Hystrectomy

Cervical Encirclage

Abortions- medical and surgical

Vaginal Hysterectomy


Septal resection




Abdominal hysterectomy

Jaspal Hospital has well equipped labour room and continuous fetal heart rate monitoring during labour with CTG machine. The facility of painless labor and epidural analgesia are available. Trained doctors and nurses are available to look after the fetal well being round the clock. Our nursing staff is polite, dedicated, and highly compasionate.



Facilities of laparoscopic surgeries for all types of gynaecological problems like:

Fibroid uterus

Ovarian cyst

Ectopic pregnancy


Laparoscopic hysterectomy done for fibroid uterus



NDVH ( Non Decent Vaginal Hystectomy )

DUB, Endometriosis (Advanced disease)

The facility of diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy is also available.

High Risk Pregnancy Services

Twin pregnancy

Pregnancy induced hypertension

Pregnancy with diabetes

Pregnancy with heart disease and liver disease.

Facility for Infertile Couple

Controlled ovulation induction

Intrauterine insemination



Diagnostic laproscopy and hysteroscopic surgeries for infertility patient

Family Planning

Family planning advice ( registered centre for MTP and tube ligation)

Cancer Screening

Facility for colpomicroscopy and micro surgery

Cryosurgery and Heat cautery – for cervical erosions and dysplasias

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I have my first gyn exam?

Unless there is a medical problem, you should have your first pelvic exam around the age of 21 years or sooner if you begin sexual activity.

When should I get my first mammogram?

Women age 40 and older should have mammograms every one or two years. However, the likelihood of developing breast cancer is higher if a close blood relative has been diagnosed with the disease, especially if they were diagnosed before the age of 50. Likewise, women who began having their periods before the age of 12 or who went through menopause after the age of 55 are at higher risk, as are women who had their first child after age 30 or who never had a child. If you believe you may be at a higher risk, ask your physician when you should start being examined.

What do I do if I missed one or two days of birth control pills?

First, read the instructions that came with your pill. Generally speaking, if you miss one pill, take two pills the next day. If you miss two pills, take two pills on each of the next two days. It’s best to use a backup contraception method such as condoms for the remainder of the month.

Is the patch safe?

The Orth Evra patch releases a higher estrogen level than what is received from oral birth control pills. Please discuss with your doctor whether the patch is a good choice for you.

Can I have a pap smear if I have my period?

You should try to schedule your annual exam for when you are not having your period. However, you can have a pap smear during your period as long as the flow is not very heavy.

How much calcium do I need?

Adults under the age of 50 should get 1,000 mg of calcium every day. Over the age of 50, the amount goes up to 1,200 mg. The best way to get your calcium is in your food.

Should I be tested for HPV?

If you are sexually active, you are at risk of exposure to human papillomavirus (HPV, or genital warts). Please discuss HPV testing with your doctor during your visit. When your Pap smear is performed the cells can be tested for HPV.

When should I schedule my first prenatal visit?

If you’ve tested positive with a home pregnancy test, give us a call. We will schedule an appointment for you approximately eight weeks from your last menstrual period.

What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy you should avoid fish that contains Mercury (including swordfish, tile fish, mackerel and shark). Also avoid saccharine, alcohol, deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses, and meat, poultry and fish that have been under-cooked.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

For most women, there is no medical reason not to have sex during pregnancy. Unless your pregnancy is classified as high risk or if there are other safety concerns, you and your partner can have sex without fear of harming your baby.

Is it safe to exercise when I’m pregnant?

It is safe to exercise in moderation during pregnancy, unless your obstetrician advises against it. Some exercises can help with childbirth.

Is it safe to travel when I’m pregnant?

It is usually safe to travel by airplane up to 35 weeks into your pregnancy. If you need to travel after 35 weeks, check with your physician. To reduce your chances of getting a blood clot during a flight, get up to stretch your legs several times.

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