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Welcome to Jaspal Hospital – Ambala City. An NABH accredited hospital.

Emergency services – 24 hours

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Physical Exams

Are Crucial For Kids

Dr. Earl Gagnjot Jaspal is head of Paediatrics department and chief Paediatrician / Neonatologist at Jaspal Hospital, Ambala City. Dr. Earl is an award-winner paediatrician with 15+ years of experience. Dr. Earl is pioneer in providing best treatment for children respiratory diseases, diarrhoea, child loss of appetite, feeding problems, anaemia, neonatal jaundice and vaccination and immunisation.

Kids/Infants Treatments

Facilities Available

Jaspal Hospital provides the most sophisticated, technically excellent and highly personalized medical care to children at an affordable cost. . Out-Patient Clinics (OPD) are conducted by highly qualified and experienced Consultant. Prepared to undertake routine and complex Paediatrics medical cases round the clock, this department is fully-fledged by automated Lab services and Imaging.

Indoor facilities are available 24 hours with a Paediatrician available around the clock and trained nursing staff for managing pediatrics patients.

Equipment available in Department:


Cardiac monitors

Overhead warmers

Syringe pumps

Infusion pumps

SPO2 monitoring


Phototherapy LED etc

Kids Treatments Offered at Jaspal Hospital

Though at Jaspal Hospital we cover a wide spectrum of kids/infants diseases under one roof, these are the most common cases we come across daily. Parents of oure patients are highly satisfied with our services, care and results.


Respiratory Diseases


Newborn Checkup

Feeding Problems

Newborn Jaundice

Loss of Appetite



Vaccination is the best form of protection you can give to your child. Figuring out which vaccines your child needs — and when to get them — is overwhelming for any parent. At Jaspal Hospital – Ambala City, you get a custom immunization schedule. We ensure that your child is up to date on all of their required injections. Whether you’re a new or old patient.


Immunizations and vaccinations help protect your child against some of the most harmful diseases around. As avid proponents of routine immunizations, Dr. Earl Gaganjot Jaspal ensures that your child is up to date on all of his or her essential injections. Jaspal Hospital – Ambala City, offers flexible scheduling, even for new families. Book your appointment online, or call us to schedule your child for an immunization visit.

Dietary advice : Only Breastfeeding for first 6 months of life along with vitamin D supplements. No water is required even in the summer months for the first 6 months of life.

Better Doctors, Better Care

Our Treatments

Breastfeeding Counselling.

Development Assessment.

Vaccination / Immunisation

Anticipatory Guidance for Common Childhood Illness.

Fever and High Temperature Management.

Coughs and Colds

Growth and Nutrition


First baby checked aged 1-15 years

Neonatal Check

Jaundice Management

Management of Reflux.

Fever Management

Fever remains the most common concern prompting parents to present their child to the emergency department. Fever has traditionally been defined as a rectal temperature over 100.4 F or 38 C. Temperatures measured at other body sites are usually lower. The threshold for defining a fever does vary significantly among different individuals since body temperatures can vary by as much as 1 F. Low-grade fevers are usually considered less than 102.2 F (39 C).

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